Tuesday, November 6, 2012

You Can Survive by Selling some Stocks and Hamburger Helpers the Negative Public Relations Image of Romney and Obama Image Victory over the Odds of Economical Turmoils

Mitt Romney
You Can Survive by Selling some Stocks and Hamburger Helpers, Negative Image Case in Public Relations: A simple use of words that probably struck down his likability with the middle-class who could defined this election on another turn probably costed him his public image to the point that even if he was on a 1% of the margin of the popular vote he probably couldn't even recover soon from the choice of words he used. At the moment of dealing with people you have to find a way to connect with them on an emotional level and know what is affecting them but also to speak on a realistic level at the moment of creating jobs that are not temporal but part time and full time; and, that they satisfy the needs beyond a speech to create 12 million jobs when they are more than 12 million people without a steady job.

Mitt Romney's case is a perfect example of a poor management of Public Relations where they aimed only to one segment of the possible audience and focused their campaign to convince a segment of the population with partial information about your financial strategies but overall about your personal life because no one is going to believe that you survived by selling stocks and hamburger helpers.

Obama Image Victory over the Odds of Economical Turmoils: Obama's victory juxtapose Romney's lack of credibility on the general public and his ability to connect with the masses, beside being an amazed public speaker he also had a good campaign team who knew what to do at the moment of approaching to the masses, where they spoke about inclusion which is a critical element in order to achieve a formal victory on the field of opinion and social work.

Inclusion seemed to be the key of the Elections of 2012 in the United States but one thing is to preach it as people would like to see results on a short term about what the elected President of the United States spoke about it. Maybe if the social panorama change and all the people who were excluded in the past they feel the governmental inclusion maybe that can be the key to start improving the economy from the inside, by treating people equally.