Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Night of the Living Dead - Chapter Three


Thomas "Tom" Wayne and Judith "Judy" Ridley were escaping from New York City when the building they lived on the Bronx got quarantined after a Hispanic girl named Tristana Medeiros got infected with a strange virus and started attacking everyone inside the building turning them into people as her, mindless cannibals with a eternal hunger for flesh.

The virus that was attributed to a probe that came from Venus was nothing more than an overexposed piece of information, nobody really knew where or why the virus originated but some people were saying it was something more macabre than the Vietcong sending viruses on transpacific missiles. Maybe the problem came within the government itself in a failed attempt to win the Cold War but in the process they damned the entire world.

Tom and Judy were a couple since they were 14 and by age 17 and 18 they knew they were going to live their lives together until the very end, also Tom lived one floor below Judy and they usually communicated with chord phones that they kept outside their bedroom windows and with those phones it was the way they used to communicate and escape the night of February the 1st when they saw the chaos erupting where they lived. Tom was the only one who knew how to drive so they took Judy's family car and went to Pennsylvania to find shelter on a farm that Judy always remembered when she was little and used to play with some of his cousins' friends who lived in a nearby farm.

The situation in New York turned for worse over the days as the city got completely militarized and declared in state of emergency after the first week of February. The world was slowly dying around them and hordes of ghouls were walking slowly around the northern states killing everything on their way, they looked similar to Tristana, their flesh was rotten so badly that it was almost surreal. Judy was kind of worried because she realized everyone she knew was probably dead by now.

The latest news they heard on the radio was a sprout of violence in Memphis and Los Angeles, many celebrities were fatal victims the latest one was Elvis Presley who got attacked in his own house by an infected of his crew who died in Elvis personal bathroom and killed the king in his throne while later both men were shot to dead by Elvis's own bodyguards who reported to the media that the king and the assailant were displaying an excess of human strength. The world was in a revolt, people were suddenly dying and coming back to life and no one really knew what to do.

Both kids stopped in the middle of a town in the outskirts of New York. The entire town was completely ravaged by something, Tom assume it were the cannibals who passed by and killed everyone but there were signs of confrontation where many people died having gunshots and white weapons on their heads.
Judy theorized that the epidemic wasn't exclusively to New York or that the probe that came from Venus was actually a biological weapon maybe sent by the Soviets or the Vietcong in an attempt to eradicate America from the face of the Earth.

The little town main avenue was filled with cadavers, every single one of them showed sign of struggle but because nighttime was close both teenagers decided to stop on a little two story hotel and spend the night there. The hotel smelled blood everywhere, there were some people who were executed and they didn't show signs of being infected as Tristana or any of their neighbors back in New York, they were simple executed on cold blood. When they were in the hotel lobby both heard a noise and went running upstairs to avoid getting caught, there they realized when they found shelter in a room that the noise was coming from outside, they saw a military convoy stopping in the entrance of the hotel, something was happening and they feared that they were being followed but they made a mistake it was another car passing by, probably escaping from the area but whoever was escaping didn't had too much luck as they because some surviving infected intercepted the car and transformed the passengers' into them.

Judy almost screamed but Tom shut her mouth before she could even articulate a sound in order to not attract any attention. Judy was wondering if all the military was on the big cities or just spread around the country because they weren't around of where they were. The undead that caused the car crash were suddenly retrieving and with the lights off the two kids went to bed and waited for the next morning in order to continue their trip to the little farm Judy remember.

In the middle of the night Tom started to have nightmares about Tristana, Judy woke up quickly and let him know he could attract any attention by the screams. Tom was shaking, she explained to him she couldn't sleep after watching the ghouls kill someone and turning that person into one them. She was wondering if the humanity was going to be transformed at the end, maybe that was the next step of evolution, maybe that was a punishment from God himself because of the sorrow caused by the United States to all the nations in the world.

He didn't knew anything, a part of him wanted to go back and see if his family was OK but the rational part of his brain was saying to continue moving at the sunrise; Judy was restless because of the situation but there was nothing to do because the world was coming to an end and they were trapped in the middle of the apocalypse.