Friday, November 9, 2012

The Night of the Living Dead - Chapter Four


After the funeral of their father, Barbara and Johnny decided to pay one last visit before heading home. It was noon. The siblings were speaking in the car about the services and Barbara was still in depressed after their father's passing.

- Johnny, are we close.?
- Almost, I always get confused on these roads, they all look the same because of the lack of signals.
- I don't really want to go there but I feel I have to say dad one last goodbye as I have no business here in Evans City.
- I know Barbie. I think we are close.

They reached the cemetery that was in the outskirts, everything was peaceful and quiet; Barbara walked first outside the car and went running to her father's grave, there she placed a flower and a stone on the top of the grave. They were talking about their memories and why their father moved out to start a new life, Johnny said he never forgave him to abandon them when they were younger but Barbara replied that he forgave him because they only had one father. Before he went down he turned the radio on to listen to any updates of the Vietnam war but the only information he heard was from an unknown anchor saying they were back again after major difficulties.

- You know Barbie, they are coming to get you.?
- Who Johnny.? Replied a little bit fearful.
- The ghouls, the living dead, the ones who walk beyond their life, they are everywhere waiting to get up and get you.! Johnny screamed while making over exaggerated gestures with his arms.

Barbara was uneasy because she hated when Johnny tried to be funny in the most awkward moments, but then her fear became a reality she saw a strange man walking towards them, with slowly and poor motor skills was walking towards them and making strange noises. Barbara asked her brother if he paid someone to do that but Johnny's face said the opposite as he was in fear when he saw the undead approaching, he only said to run fast but the strange man started to speed as the sibling ran for safety much as he was possessed by a supernatural force.

The man got Barbara as she was running slow because of attire but Johnny intercepted the man and both started to fight, he only screamed at her to go to the car and ran away as far as she could but before he could hold the man for longer he was sent flying to a grave that knocked him out and letting him be a easy prey for the horde who was possessing the entire town. Barbara was on the verge of crying but she hold her tears as more strangers were aiming towards her.
When she reached the car, she realized her brother had the keys but yet it was dangerous for her to go and reach it, she was panicking slowly but her fears augmented when she saw another individual walking in the same erratic way then both men surrounded Barbara and tried to break in the car by using any weapon they could find but Barbara without even knowing she unlocked the emergency break and the car went downhill from the place it was parked.

A few yards away the car crashed into a tree and without even reacting Barbara escaped and tried to run as far as she could, the two men were behind her she thought she was going to die she saw a barnyard where she realized it could be safe while she found a way to call the authorities but to her luck where she was, was surrounded by the horde that surrounded Evans City. Before she could go inside she was again attacked by a few individuals but she managed them off really easy and went inside the barn.

When she was inside she heard gunshots coming from the outside, she realized there was someone around who probably spot her. She looked in between the planks and saw a black man shooting everything that moved. He started to scream "Get out of there and follow me to the house it will be safer". The man was Ben who went back to the farm to pick some provisions before he hit the road but to his surprise he found a survivor hiding in the barn.

Barbara ran towards Ben and both rushed inside the house as they were outnumbered by the walking dead.