Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving: Introspection's from a Colombian-American Blogger

Little Kid Eating a Turkey Leg
Tampa, Fl -- Another year has pass through, not completely but is almost over, for some people that statement is almost taken to a fatalistic level because it means for them that they are getting older for other people it could be much as R.E.M's song It's The End of the World as We Know It because on an eschatological level this could be the end of the world as we know it much as it was with the Y2K almost 13 years ago when some other individuals theorized the world could end and it didn't happened. As time goes by, probably much of the people don't realize how fragile life is unless they go through a series of epiphanies that would make them realize that yet is not sure how if they will realize that at the end is not about money, a big circle of people but rather simple elements that are related into enjoying the beauty and fragility of life itself.

As a Humanist and a foreigner who became a citizen, Thanksgiving for me is much as many holidays around the world, not very different from Saint Valentine, in a lesser case with firework element of the American Independence Day or even Christmas where merchandise on different levels have boost that is not seen during all year long, in the case of Thanksgiving I see cold cuts, ready to handle foods and turkeys as the key element of a tradition that I firmly believe not many people are aware that has the roots in the genocide and alienation of cultural group of people that lived here before any of us; yet there are other elements that could be carried all year long instead of one day a year where people are reminded to be thankful for something and to be reunite with family members they barely see and even known.

Why, one day a year.? Do we as a society have become such oblivious and self centered that we are not able to tolerate other people company and we have be to reminded to be thankful for.? Or even so to one day a year to buy a crappy I love you card to compensate time of abandonment.? Maybe we have reached the point as a society that we have become shallow to remember that is on us to cultivate our relationships with our fellow men and women and every year we are being reminded by a turkey that is time to socialize. Life and social relations are fragile, we, ourselves are no more than a conjunction of wave lengths made flesh and blood, we are nothing and yet we tend to forget that, we tend to forget that what we have today it can be gone tomorrow.

We shouldn't be thankful one day, we should be thankful every day for just being alive, for being love, for having companionship and for being ourselves.