Monday, October 8, 2012

The Parallelism of Chavez and Mitt, The Two Sides of the Big Brother

Tampa. Fl -- There is something extremely Machiavelli regarding the parallelism between the eternal Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias and GOP Nominee Willard Mitt Romney, and that it's that both men even if they are on almost extremes ideological point of views in theory, they share the demagogy and proselytism in order to achieve their means, an absolute  Absolutists point of view that can be expressed as Thomas Hobbes in his work named Leviathan which in certain way Chavez has executed and asserted a religion around himself and Mitt Romney has been moved by a divine idea that he should be in power but overall both men have in common that never can maintain one posture and they change their speech in order to attract more followers.

On Sunday the 7th of 2012, on the show Meet the Press, President Obama's adviser Robert Gibbs confronted Newt Grinch on a fundamental inconsistency in Romney's description of his tax plan because on the primary debates Romney insisted that everyone in America would get a 20% tax cut, including the 1% but on last week debate with Obama, Romney insisted that his tax cut would not reduce taxes for all wealthy Americans and Gingrich acknowledge by saying "I think is clear he changed" but as a supporter of Romney he only said at the end that the changes were "good politics."

The ego-centrism of what the Republican Party has become it's is extremely similar as the autocracy of Chavez, where all the supporter of Chavez are focusing on the decisions of only one man and regarding if they are good or bad they will still support them because it his him who has the power and it seems the GOP is doing the same with Mitt by agreeing on every single change he has made on a daily basis and every single myth he says as an absolute truth. People blame Obama as a Socialist, yet people are so focused on the little they know and they haven't realized that the extreme form of socialism is more related to an autocracy, similar as it is in Venezuela where the people has no choice but only one man who is screwing over an entire population because the population itself doesn't know better; and is that happening in the United States,? an enthropic principle in history,? only time will tell.