Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Night of the Living Dead - Chapter Two


- Fellow citizens, this is your president speaking, if you live over Pennsylvania and New York City, I ask you to remain calm and don't go outside at night or by yourself, these violent attacks that had been happening for the last 4 weeks are product of an organized crime association from New Jersey to incite fear on the brave people of the United States.

It wasn't a probe that came from the planet Venus, currently the NASA are focusing their efforts on the Apollo missions and not anything related with extra-terresterial exploration, I beg all please don't focus on the fear and ask to the media to keep their information as clean as possible to keep the public informed. The reports of the attack in New York City are quite catastrophic but I promise you all, we will prosecute the responsible gang for these attacks.

Also remember, if you see the policies in conjunction with army soldiers, please let them do their job as they are there to protect all the innocent civilians.

Harry ended up shutting off the radio early, he was tired with the lies of President Richard Nixon regarding the brutal attacks that were shaking the North-East of the United States. Ben was quite hesitant as that nigh of February the 8th they heard and saw someone walking around the property, so they barricade inside the house leaving whatever animal was outside the barn to their own luck. He offered to go outside armed with a trident that was inside the house after they run back inside, but Helen didn't wanted to anyone be outside after the dawn.

Suddenly they start listening to one of the horses being attacked, the noises were creepy as the animal was being mauled by an unidentified attacker. Karen started to cry and then Harry opted to make everyone go and barricade in the attic as the doors were sturdy enough to keep them safe. While they were rushing to the attic, Harry asked Ben to go down and check for them if the attackers were out of the property.

Ben didn't said no to Harry, Karen was still upset and she didn't wanted Ben to go but he reassured that he was going to be OK. He turned slowly all the lights in the house and closed all the doors he thought they could be open. When he moved towards near the living room and look toward the big window that connected to the porch, he got surprised because he saw the horse laying dead and three people feasting. He realized that the strange incident that he saw in his hometown was repeating again in the outskirts of Evans City, except it wasn't in a bigger scale.

He decided to go closer to check, so he opened one of the windows and closed it gently without making any noise. As he moved closely, he noticed there was a stench on the environment, it wasn't the blood, it was a rotten smell, he realized that the undead moved south, 34 miles in about a month; they were walking beyond Boyers, and who knows what else they reached beyond Evans City and the limits.

He hold his own mouth to avoid screaming and tried to back-up without making any noises, but he was feeling dizzy because of the smell of the dead, to his luck he fall on the grounds after tripping with a rock but the undead where focused on their meal that they didn't noticed Ben near them. His biggest concern was that the army was going to come to Evans City and start killing every possible individual that they suspect got some kind of interaction with the living dead.

When he sneaked back in the house, he watched the undead walking to the north of the farm, he wanted to ask Harry to go to the city and check if everything was OK and leave the girls on the attic for their own protection as Karen was too young to go and Helen couldn't leave Karen by herself. He ended up asking Harry but he said no as he was scared that Ben could possibly get attacked and cause the family demise.

Helen went back to the living room she wanted to hear the news but by that time any shows were off the air until the next day. She went close to the windows to look at the animals and she realized one of the horses they were going to sell was killed and even if the explanation by Ben sounded fantastical it wasn't farfetched as the animal was killed in a similar way as the assassinations presented in New York and the north of Pennsylvania.

It was February the 10th. Karen's birthday, it wasn't as Ben imagined, there were not many kids around but he guessed with all the madness happening around some of the parents didn't wanted to leave their houses unless it was necessary. A few from Karen's friends were there and by that moment the remains of the horse were burned in order to keep some normality around. Karen was told that the horse was killed by a wolf, an excuse she didn't believe that much.

Ben went back inside after eating some cake they bought in one of the Bakery shops around town, he wanted to ask Harry why he accepted him inside his house.? To his surprise Harry replied that he wasn't surprised about his story but that he saw also some undead when he was in New York City with his family for the New Year's Celebration but he remained quiet as he thought it was a hobbo that was drunk until the man killed a cat and later attacked three people, all which they were shot down by the cops or people who looked like cops.

Karen went back inside, she wanted Ben to go back outside because it was time to open her birthday presents.

Was the main headline in the newspaper the morning after the birthday of Karen. Nobody knew exactly what was happening around and fear was starting to be present in the tiny Evans City. Helen went with Harry to buy supplies while Karen was at school and Ben was putting reinforcements to the doors and windows in case the worse happen.

- What do you think is all of this Harry.?
- I don't know Helen. Replied the man without losing his sight on the road.
- I've been seeing the military around town lately, according to Ben something strange happened in Boyers but it didn't appeared on the news.
- I know but life goes on. Helen looked at her husband in a cold way, he never spoke as that before but the different tragedies around the area where turning everyone 360 degrees for good or for worse and Harry seemed to be changing also as the days passed.

Jonathan and Barbara O'Dea where planning to assist to Evans City for their father's funeral Russell, who died after a respiratory failure. The siblings where traveling by car from New Jersey to Pennsylvania as the funeral was in a week from February the 11th.

Barbara was in the middle of a depression and her brother was trying to cheer her up by saying they were going also to see their stepmother and siblings, but Barbara being a daddy's girl she was extremely upset by the family tragedy. At age 23 and being the youngest of the siblings Barbara was under her brother Jonathan wing after their mother pass away on a car crash, she was extremely close to her brother and her brother being 12 years older than her treated her like a child instead of a sibling, they rarely bicker or fight but also Barbara used to spend summers with her father as well receiving gifts from him on a monthly basis as well economical support as she was a full time student.

Johnny on the other hand was independent and learned to fed by himself after his parents' divorce, learning to not trust his father's motives but when he died he was feeling guilty of not having communication with him so he decided to go to the funeral as a way to make amends with his stepmother after calling her a whore.

- Johnny, why can't we go on a plane.?
- Because we don't have money and we don't have a choice right now.
- Not even train.?
- No Barbie, we only have money for the gas, lunch and the hotel where we are going to stay.
- OK. Hey Johnny I will see you later, I am heading for school. You don't mind if I use your car to go to my class.?
- Go ahead, please be safe.
- I'll be Johnny. Said with a smile and giving her older brother a kiss in the cheek.

They finished placing in order all their items and they headed to Pennsylvania. On their way there they saw the military everywhere, Ted Koppel was announcing in the radio that President Nixon was going travel to China to try to negotiate in a middle ground with the Vietcong. The problematic on a national level with strange murders rose to the point on such a short amount of time that the country was in fear that the Zodiac Killer had several copy cats.

On their trip, the siblings kept watching the police and army everywhere, people were scandalized and fearful of going to the streets at the nighttime or far away from the civilization.

While they were on the Lincoln Highway, Barbara noticed something strange as there were no military presence in the area; she saw a horde of people walking slowly in the distance approaching to a farm, she was wondering if something happened around the farm and maybe neighbors where helping someone to find a person or an animal.

Around noon they stopped in Manchester, Maryland. It was February the 7th and they were scheduled to arrive to the funeral on time in three days. President Nixon addressed one time the nation on ABC the next day, he looked worried, it wasn't worried regards the war with Vietnam he was worried about something else, something that Barbara and Johnny weren't aware of and they weren't aware until it was very late as they missed the speech of the president.

- My dear fellow Americans, as the head of State I have to declare  a State of Emergency, we are facing a threat in-between our own land; the prove that went to Venus and exploded on the stratosphere over New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York has caused a phenomenon. Don't worry my fellow citizens, we are here to protect you as for tomorrow I will be traveling to China to have a conversation with the leaders of the Vietcong in order to stop the war that has divided the world.

We believe that Vietnam is actually responsible for this attack, a biological weapon that was mixed with the NASA explorative probe, a vile an cruel attack that we plan to have an answer from any enemy of America.

My dear citizens I will be back in one week with answers about my meeting with Vietnam leaders who are attempting to place our freedom and democracy in danger.

Nixon never came back, he was aware of the undead outbreak but not the real cause, he knew the country was doomed but outside the United States, outside of the Americas the contagion was being restrained because of the oceans as well for over a 3 month period all the flights outside the continent were dismissed by governments in fear that the problematic would spread and society would collapse.

Communication was also being censored by the governments, they feared that possible scare could result in revolt of the masses and accelerate the collapse of civilization but the governments failed and Gerald Ford got a country that slowly being burned into the ashes because of the poor skills of Richard Nixon into being a leader. People would often refer to the resignation of Nixon as the Redgate because of the former president seeking asylum in a communist country.

Johnny and Barbara arrived on time to the funeral of their father, nothing interesting happened except that Johnny was trying to pay attention to some comments he heard about Nixon flying to China and strange people acting as cannibals. Johnny started to worried but he imagined it could be his aunt and stepmother over active imagination regard his fathers' demise.

February the 12th, Karen was playing outside with Harry, there was no school that day as she was feeling sick and the Cooper's didn't wanted to send her with fever to the city. Karen was complaining a little bit so his father took her outside in the backyard near the chicken house to play with the birds and also to avoid the flu spread around him, Helen and Ben. He was worried as the night before he saw some undead individuals roaming around and reports from the city said that a horde of undead was approaching at a slow but steady step but there was no real presence of the military to protect the civilians.

The noise was outside, not far away from the farm, it was the first clue that the end was near; suddenly Harry realized that it was the end, his daughter started to cry thus attracting the attention of a horde of undead. Henry screamed really loud and push his daughter away; Ben was outside on the town buying some batteries and oil in case of an emergency as well bullets because the reports of the undead were rising.

The horde was at least 200 people, all of them dead, dead who walked, dead who were only for the flesh of the living; they weren't intelligent, they just roamed, they walked but what was the impulse who turned the recently deceased into mindless animals.? Nobody knew that but on those days people knew that he end was inevitable.

Karen was completely paralyzed by fear and by the moment Harry left her behind he realized his mistake, he grab a knife as quickly as possible and went running back to save his daughter but it was late, before he could dispose some of the undead and retrieve Karen back to the house, he realized his daughter was bitten all over her body by the undead, ripping her flesh apart. The undead were following him and Karen, Harry started yelling to Helen, to go and barricade in the cellar as fast as possible, she didn't even say why, she didn't even saw her husband leaving their daughter to mercy of the flesh eaters. Helen was paranoid because they weren't expecting to see so many in such a short amount of time, as soon Harry went inside the house he went running to the basement who was fortified and with his wife and daughter they barricade and waited to see what was going to happen.

Ben arrived a few hours later and he saw the farm completely devastated, all the animals were dead, eaten by the flesh eaters; he cried because the only people who were nice to him were probably dead and turned into one of them. Ben realized that he had to go back and find for survivors in Evans City but overall he had the urge to go down and find the Coopers before everything was too late for them.