Monday, October 22, 2012

The Final Debate of 2012 Elections: Introspection about Obama and Romney from The Public Relations POV

Rick Wilking/AP Pool
Tampa, Fl -- Romney sink himself as the movie Battleship sank during the summer of 2012, as the final debate ends many individuals of the blogesphere had realized that the knowledge Mitt Romney has about international politics it is critical and dangerous because he has no real clue about what is happening on the 21st Century on the world beside showing an insensitive side which can cost his image even more by saying Muslims are violent people and related his point of view that the Middle East is composed of a fanatic zone that hate everything is not Muslim showing him what he expressed about his attitudes regarding his objectives which are to make business and generate a bigger capital by hiding his ties to Chinese companies who have ties with extremist that live in the Middle East.

Iran is already a nuclear nation and the meddling of America in another nations issues are not related to the liberation of those nations as Romney say, America due how the White House handled international policies had justified in the past the incursion of the army forces on several countries that have potential business development i.e. Vietnam, Colombia (rich natural resources), Iraq and Iran (Petroleum) and the list goes on. The main problematic with this debate don't lay on Obama as well the main problematic in general, seeing international politics as a war game as is being expressed by Romney don't go on that level, diplomacy goes on human resource and creating a synergy with allies and trying to find solutions with enemies, but also the problem that can cause Romney's demise on the election is the poor advice from his incorporation to organize his speech into one a more realistic one because he keeps changing it as time passes and becoming aggressive resting him credibility from key voters.

The key with America to revitalize the economy don't lay on the military power, war is not the answer, investing equally on the human capital to create a nation that is capable to step on the world and create a transition where America can really grow as the investment is not on weapons or degradable resources but on the people, the resource who can show internationally that the country is a  good place to come and grow which is the main problem any government hasn't solve at all.