Tuesday, October 30, 2012

PETA & Pokemon: The Need of a New PR Approach for the Activist Group

PETA's Rendition of Pokemon
Tampa, Fl -- There is a dynamic of PETA that is always on the people's mind as the animal activists who take a very vocal support of animal cruelty around the world, there is also a controversy regarding their actions and there is a point where they just go on a borderline level of silliness to spread their messages when they feel that something represents or can incite a violent behavior towards animals, maybe there is a point that the organization has to restructured their public image into one that keeps their edgy line of creating awereness instead of trying to create a so called - "lighthearted" message - as Erin Mattes (a membership correspondent) place it in an email regarding the creation of their so called parody of Pokemon Black and White 2.

While Pokemon has been associated with some right wing Christian and Jewish groups who has seen the content of the cartoon and video games as antisemitic or in a lesser case as promoting values oriented towards Judaism and not Christianity. Then there is the point of view of PETA that see the game as a negative because of the use of animals as elements of battle. On the email we received as it says below:
On the day we launched the game, we received more than 1 million hits on our website, http://www.PETA.org. Since the game was launched, “Free Me” has been viewed more than 256,000 times. Our methods might be different, but they work—and the amount of mail that we’ve received from people like you is proof of that!
PETA say that they got one million hits on their site and has a concrete solid visitors of 256.000 but the point which made us wonder are their effectiveness to spread their message even if they do it differently regards the communicational conventionalism; but it made wonder if they are trying to measure their motivational objects of their campaign as well the quantitative result.? It's difficult to measure motivational but you can check the reactions around the e-media such as forums and create a different strategy to approach the intended public.