Monday, September 3, 2012

The Mormon Political Impact

Mitt and the Super Best Friends 
While it's true as many religions there are stories of prosecution there is one true statement that has to be said hypothetically if Mitt Romney wins the general election in November and at the first moment the people by general consensus  realize that the economy it's staked and the job drops his head is going to roll and he is going to be questioned as a crook and his faith is going to be under fire because no matter what right wing Evangelicals and Christians they see Mormons as a mere greed cult and that's it.  There is too much on stake because Mitt Romney is not only playing his future on gamble but also they people he represent on the Latter Day Saints around the United States and he can damage the entire church reputation and place them on doubt as it is Scientology today.

Last Thursday on Tampa Bay, the GOP established Mitt Romney as their candidate for the November elections as their presidential candidate. His ascendance thrilled millions of fellow church members, specially those who have ties to the 19th-Century pioneers. "This shows a transformation from persecution to acceptance," said David Nielsen, a GOP convention delegate from Provo, but even if the ultra right from the GOP accepted Mitt as the winning formula there are still certain disdains on several levels who only see a "true" president as from the Evangelical, or Christian side because it has been established they way it suppose to be to represent the common majorities.

Americans are still polarized regarding politics and ethnic backgrounds, there are some xenophobia tints around the public imagery. People are racist and because they lack of interest in knowing and reading they will believe anything that is on a supermarket tabloid such as the proliferation by The Globe saying Obama is not America or that Elvis Presley it is alive and singing in a bar in Texas; but one point of similarity between three cases, Romney is for Mormons as Obama is for African Americans as Kennedy is for the Catholic population.

The problem is if Romney is going to promote understanding, there are to many doubts he is going to promote understanding between people and nations after his many failed visits and diplomatic campaigns on international grounds, even on a local level by telling the 2012 Louisiana victims to dial 211. The problem is not about his religion or his ties with the church, the problem is Mitt Romney is a greedy, ignorant man who is looking for power in one of the most powerful nations of the world and yet people are buying is shallow speech that changes all the time, and whatever mistakes he do in the worse moment people are going to be prosecuting him and by association the men and woman he represent because then again by his own fault the LDS are going to be under a similar spotlight they were during the 19th Century.