Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Gambles of a Piece Dialogue with the FARC

As on the date, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos will embark on the fourth attempt in 28 years to reach a peace treaty with the terrorist who had endure a civil war for the almost the last 60 decades. The crucial point will be to get the FARC to renounce organized crime but the problem as every stint to reach to the public about the news it's always a trouble because people hesitate about every action due the lack of transparency of previous presidents and dignitaries at the moment of opening communication with the voters.

The news that the administration of Juan Manuel Santos has been for more than a year in secret talks with the FARC was leaked to the press on August 27 which prompted the release of a three page document, signed on August 26 on Cuba, spelling out the points the two sides agreed will be on the table when they meet in Oslo on upcoming October. Cuba and Norway are to provide the venues for the talks while Venezuela and Chile as observers.

There has been suspicion regarding the efforts of Santos to reach a settlement with the FARC but yet according to a poll by Ipsos Napoleon Franco found that 77% of Colombians approve of the president's decision to open talk.  But key power players on national opinion as former president, Alvaro Uribe Velez; are not so eager to proceed. But why the government is in negotiations with a Marxist group of criminals that don't respect anything and they mock at anything but yet it seems that the negotiations are just an extend of a failed military process on dismantling the armed groups once and for all.

Yet, everything is a risk, a risk that the president is taking but yet where is the peace.? There seem not to be any and is much of a gamble similar to a business that is generating profit but not any capital for the different sectors of the country as the country it is still in despicable conditions on so many levels because of the social disparities. Mr. Santos knows better that if there is no capitulation then he will use peace  to ratchet up war.

Santos said he made clear that there are not going to be safe heavens and no bilateral cease of fire, and that any negotiation will last months and not yeas and that military operations and state policies are nonnegotiable. Yet even if the process sounds safe there are so many reasons to not be trustful completely about success because of the passive involvement of Cuba. One concern is the ties of the President Santos by the law of the restitution of the land where it can open many lawsuits regarding human-rights violations; but yet Colombia's justice system is weak and fragile, and left wing non-governmental organizations have demonstrated repeatedly on buying or intimidating the justice on their favor.