Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ricketts on RMoney, Not an Investment for the Future

Joe Ricketts
Tampa, Fl -- No doubt politics are much as a business and Joe Ricketts the founder of TD Ameritrade knows that you can buy anything money but politics as the stock market it's a volatile investment and right now Joe Ricketts invested a multimillion dollar pro Romney campaign where he plan to spend US$10 million in airing ads supporting the GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney and other US$2 million to help Republicans running for Congress, the add will be airing mid week as 9/18/2012.

One thing is investing on the market bu as there are so many similarities between the market and politics you have to know the risk you are aiming for and specially after the last week where Mitt Romney had a public relation downgrade on his image by insulting the conglomerate of Obama supporters as referring to them as leaches. So Joe Ricketts has to know the risk of investing in a candidate that his public image is as low as a Walmart employee paycheck.

The adds are one of the biggest electioneering efforts by an individual in the 2012 election. Cable televsion spots will feauture dissafected Obama supporters talking about why they plan to support Mr. Romney. Other television adds will run in battlegrounds including Wisconsin, Virginia, Ohio and Iowa, States where the credibility of Romney plumed after his declarations and actions. Ricketts join casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, Harold Simmons and the Koch brothers in putting on the map the conservative agenda but the battle is not one sided as on the other side of the spectrum there are DreamWorks Animation Chief Executive Jeff Katzenberg, Irwin Jacobs and several labor unions.

On a critical side, the efforts of Mr. Ricketts consist that he is founding is own Super PAC, called the Ending Spending Action Fund and has hired staff and has personally overseen the strategy and adds, tying him straight to the effort. His efforts come despite a political row that erupted in May when the New York Times said he was considering a series of racially filled ads featuring Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama's former pastor.

On a good side of the notes, the Wright proposal had been rejected when news about its possible use broke, the news caused a storm. Vice President Joe Biden said the people who put the plan forward - misundertand the state of the nation. - Mr. Romney repudiated the effort.