Friday, September 14, 2012

Galaxy Zero, Chapter One

Chapter One
The Night with No Moon

Stanley Giovanni Eide was on the rooftop of the Bank of America building in Tampa, Florida; he knew he couldn't escape more after Tori finally trapped him. Stan was a fugitive of The Corporation 5, the biggest pharmaceutical conglomerate in the United States and Europe put a price over his head after he stole the only vial with the vaccine that could put an end to the monopoly executed by the company around the States and Oceania, but overall for Tori her revenge was almost complete as Stan was the responsible of what people knew as The Ruin, the event that decimated humanity by killing 4 billion people worldwide and without the possibility of a cure for those who contracted the virus.

Stan wouldn't forget the night of The Ruin, the night where people went outside to the streets in a frenzy and loot every single pharmacy, store whatever they could find, a lot of people died and Stanley always remembered his son Charley dying after a bullet hit him in the head. Stanley knew he was going to die in the hands of the Mocking Bird, 鳥, Tori, the most ruthless mercenary on the Western Hemisphere.

- Stanley do you have any last words.? Said Tori in a defiant way while pointing a gun to Stanley. - I've been waiting 10 years for this moment, you have no idea how my life changed because you Stanley Eide.

Stan was completely oblivious about why Tori was angry at him, he thought maybe it was because of The Ruin and she learned his name as the responsible one but he wasn't sure as the last thing he heard was the bullet getting out of the gun.