Saturday, September 8, 2012

Diversity among Old All White Towns

It sounds a little bit racist, albeit the photo shows a reality on certain demographics around America there are still white only communities but according to the USA Today these all white communities are dropping in favor of the nation  growing racial and ethnic diversity beyond the metropolitan areas.

Communities where whites are the majority are still the common denominator by encompassing an 82.6%, but those where they dominate are gradually disappearing, according to an analysis of Census data by Penn State's Population Research Institute. In 1980 about two thirds of all places were at least 90% white. By 2010, only a third were. The number of places where not an ethnic group is a majority has quintupled.

According to the Penn State Social Studies researcher and lead author Barrett Lee, the trend has become geographically pervasive and even in small towns and rural Midwestern areas, old traditional population are encountering diversity and are situations they are facing on a daily dose and not reading on the media anymore. Large cities and their suburbs are the main focus of diversity points where you can encounter a mix of people of diverse heritages; non-Hispanic whites, Hispanics, Afro and Asians are the most prevalent in the West and South that are been focus of traditional immigrant magnets such as New York, Miami and L.A.

The impact is striking in rural areas where white populations are shrinking as migration pattern change and traditional population see their younger generation leave their home rural towns and the elders stay to end their days. But when a new generation of minorities's born and alter the dynamics, many rural schools add English as a second language classes to improve the population dynamics as they need to facilitate trades among the different sectors, even marketers have tracked changes through spikes in sales of ethnic food from soy sauce to tortillas giving food as the indicator to trends.

Diversity don't end segregation as people of all races, ethnics and creeds can live in the same city but still in separate neighborhoods one example cold be with the highly insensitive joke that there is the United States and Miami is just another country within the country.