Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Slow Goodbye to Baby Boomers in Education, The XY are the New In

As reading the USA Today (09/05/12 Edition), I found a really interesting article regarding education. As children will settle into classroom they will notice a raise in the newcomer teachers that will hit the classrooms this year as the baby boomers who taught for many decades will be retiring on the next few years.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania analyzed the most recent federal surveys and found that, in a bid to replace both retiring and quitting teachers, schools are hiring a large number of new comers in the education field.

"There's this constant replenishment of beginners going on," said researcher Richard Ingersoll. Increasingly, he said, teachers are not sticking around, and up half of those entering the profession will leave in a five year period. High attrition rates, combined with rising hiring rates have created a more than threefold increase in the number of inexperienced teachers as in 1987 - 1988, about 65,000 first year teachers were into the common media as for today based on the 2007-2008 federal data the number had grown more than 200.000.

While the profession is graying as the Baby Boomer teachers approach retirement, much of the newcomers will have less than a year of experience which also encompass the largest group of educators in the next 5 years. Ingersoll said schools wouldn't have to work so hard recruiting new teachers if they focus on keeping the ones they have. Part of the plan of the Obama administration encompass the recruitment of an estimate of 10.000 math and science, but according to Ingersoll schools lose around 2,500 annually to retirement and attrition. So keeping the number stable for the ever growing student body.