Tuesday, August 7, 2012

US$2.5 Billion Mission to Space. 5 Billion People having Financial Issues

Curiosity Spacecraft
(Tampa - Fl) --It's difficult to think about the over the top budget of the NASA without certain cynicism, it is an extreme budget by giving US$2.5 bn to a robot that looks as Short Circuit. It's a really complex debate because it is in the name of science but yet there is a shallow part of the argument which is based on morality it is necessary to spend that much on the space program when there are issues to be attendant on Earth?

We know by now that spacecraft is on Mars, it's taking biological samples of rocks and soil and is going to be functioning for the next two years. According to Los Angeles Times, there were applauses in the campus of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in La CaƱada Flintridge when they received communication from the robot. What if there weren't any proof the robot didn't landed?. The mission would be a fiasco and their budget would be then criticized but yet their budget it's way too much and that money could be used in other branch of sciences to cure diseases, make health system accessible to everyone and finance programs as Meals on Wheels, but yet much of the funding's go onto unnecessary causes.

It's a complicated issue if we and talk about healthcare because that's another business which at the end is a private one owned by a few pharmaceutical companies which they don't want to lose control over the monopoly of health. If the American government cut the budget of the NASA, part of the national debt as well improving the quality of the public school system can be improved to a great level yet US$2.5 bn were invested in a robot that will cease to exist and into a program that is not viable at least in a hundred years, not even Asimov could predict that space exploration beyond Earth would happen in the next 50 years.