Sunday, August 12, 2012

The World Without God

By: Gus Calvo

And then the bull was dead and the spectators of the sacrifice were pleased to see the sacrifice in the hand of the priest. Decima was sitting on the women section while watching the Dies Solis ritual to please the hunger of Mihtras. Days were average for the young Decima but every now and then she heard another worshiper of the god without a name, the one where some people were willing to die in order to keep the tradition that defied the Persians more than a millennium ago, she was curious about who they were and why they professing the name of a false prophet that was an heresy to mention in public.

She kept walking along side the boulevard to take a bus, and while she was walking she realized there was a protest near the city hall of Tampa City. She was curious because she never saw one of the protest in the name of the god without a name, it was much as watching an underground protest in the day light; people wearing wooden piece around their neck and some of the women were wearing some really weird vest that look as the ones from the priestess of the highest temple. It was amusing to watch them but yet fascinating because they kept screaming - We Need a God, we can't live under Mithras Law . - Decima couldn't avoid getting closer until she was almost on the middle of the protest.

The men and women were saying their rights were violated because they couldn't build their temple, what they called church on some boards. They were angry because of the prosecution they had over 1000 years around the world and they were trying to claim their rights but no one was paying to attention to them, not even cops, only Decima who was puzzled because she never met the so called Christian Cultist who venerated a prophet named Iesus and an universal conscience instead of Mithras.

She got close to one of the female protesters, a woman named Theresa, a really old frail lady who as screaming out loud  but suddenly stopped when she saw the young Decima near her; Theresa went walking slowly to her and sat down next to Decima near the bench she was - Who are you my dear.? Are you hear to fight for free speech and the name of God.? - Said her.

- No, I'm not here because of your deity of adoration.
- It's not a deity, it's our heavenly father who watch all over us, the one who thinks we are equal.
- How do you know that.?
- Because it's in the good book, the one I am holding here, the same book He inspired to wrote under his apostles.
- It's not very different from our teachings.
- It's very different my dear, you are young, you can maybe get a change and fight for everyone, you see there is not absolute truth in this world, everyone can't believe what they want to believe but when you go to the extremes that's another story.

There was a loud explosion, Theresa knew the police was coming to disperse the protest as it was forbidden to go against Mithra. She ran away and asked Decima to go on the opposite direction as every time the police arrived to any protest violence spurred. When Decima was almost far away she heard gunshots, she wanted o go back but opted to go as far away possible, knowing what would happened as they probably were dead and she didn't wanted to end as them.