Thursday, August 23, 2012


(Short Story)
By: Gus Calvo

Jordan and Rafael where one of the last people inside the supermarket, after finish mopping they went to the mop room to throw the liquid of the scrub machine as well to finish with the cleaning procedures. Some other employees were also closing but they were around the aisles dispersed in small groups as they were putting back the store neat after another day of working.

The area that the supermarket was located was famous for a series of constant murders and drug trafficking around the plaza and the nearby streets. It was a little hell mouth that attracted unwanted attention. People where speaking that an unseen force was the responsible of the hate around the area, someone who died in agony and became a vengeful being from the beyond. Jordan and Rafael where listening to a constant noise, a dripping coming from the meat department, there was no supermarket background music anymore, no noises, just a drip-drip every 3 minutes.

- Dude, what is that.? Jordan asked.

- I have no clue, let's finish this and let's report the noise to Lesley just in case is a leak. I don't really want to walk out too much right now.

- I know but what if it's something else. I'll be back.

Jordan went slowly to the meat department while Rafael was cleaning the mop room and the adjacent trash compactor room. The meat department was a big room with three tables in the middle and a few slicers around, it always smelled bloody even after cleaning it but yet the stench of there. As Jordan went far away Rafael was feeling nervous, he hated to be alone in any section of the store so he tried to finish as quickly as possible but when he was about to go back with the others he heard a scream coming from the meat department and he without any hesitation went there to see Jordan.

While he was running he realized that probably the others could be there already so he decided to slow down his pace and went carefully. When he opened the backdoor of the meat department cutting room he realized the worse, Jordan was lying unconscious on the floor in a spill of his blood. He screamed and fall to the floor, suddenly he realized he wasn't alone, the freezer of the department was being open slowly, a long bony hand was coming out. He started to scream over and over and he realized that no one was coming so he tried to regain his senses back but he fall again until he heard some laughter coming from inside the room, it wasn't a maniac laugh, it was Jordan all along, along with Ryan the meat clerk

- Dude you have to see your face. It was hilarious.! You thought that Ryan was some kind of ghost.? Said Jordan while Ryan was laughing manically also.

- Oh shinny baldy, you almost died of the fear. Said Ryan while rubbing Rafael's head. Rafael pushed him away and screamed a few profanities before leaving and letting the two guys alone in the meat department cutting room.

- Dude that was funny, no doubt, best joke ever. Let's clean this before everyone else leaves. Jordan and Ryan started to clean their little mess while still keeping a few laughter's but what they didn't realized it was that they weren't alone after all, there was someone else, someone tall with long arms, he was really slender and wearing a tuxedo. He had no face, just a head and a mouth. A really creepy thing with no name that went inside the store, they didn't see him but then he scream, a really high pitch scream.