Monday, August 27, 2012

The Only Poor Verb in the GOP, Planning Holding a Conference on the Middle of Hurricane Season

Photo from Thomas Parking Lot
at The University of Tampa
Tampa, Fl -- It's interesting to notice something on the Republican National Convention as well the Democratic National Convention due both conventions are held and going to be held on really unique places not to say poor planning regarding physical location and voters demographics. The DNC it is going to be held in North Carolina on September the 3rd as many individuals know one of the key elements it is Marriage Equality but one negative reaction it is that on North Carolina after Amendment One there is an oximoron on why the Democratic Party of the United States are going to held the convention in what many people consider a solid right wing state even if there are elements of progressive liberalism albeit they are still minimal. The problem of the controversy generates on the poor selection of the place that is going to be held the convention a similar situation faced by the GOP. 

Whatever if North Carolina is a critical battleground for the upcoming elections on November it is something it has to be noticed as right now counting the last 3 elections Florida has noted to be one of the key states but also probably the selection of North Carolina relies to try to persuade possible voters into the platform after the Amendment One controversy at the beginning of 2012. 

So, who really choose Florida in the GOP committee in the middle of hurricane season with the risk of a storm striking.? Who knows but the statement is not far away from reality because even if the Tropical Storm Isaac stroke South Miami-Dade and now to the date it is taking strengths and heading to Louisiana as a category one hurricane the effects were felt in the west coast of Central Florida up until Monday evening letting schools to cancel their activities to avoid any setbacks during the day, and still there were some minor setbacks as the one reflected in the photo taken from the Thomas Parking Lot in the University of Tampa which is less than a mile away from the site of the convention, as there were some minor traffic delays because of the inept sewer system at Downtown Tampa.

Party officials made the decisions after consulting Gov. Rick Scott and other local officials regarding the safety of delegates that were staying on the adjacent county of Pinellas about the possible winds and other high risk as they had to get transported around the bridges of the Tampa Bay area, thus making officials to scramble the idea of a four day convention into a three day one by starting on Tuesday and ending up Thursday where Mitt Romney will address the party as the official nominee of the Republicans. Romney used his Twitter account to applaud the decision of the organizers to cancel the activities that were scheduled on Monday by saying - The safety of those in Isaac's path if of the utmost importance. I applaud those in Tampa  making appropriate schedule changes - but on a cynical note beside his words are more than 140 characters, show the poor planning of the organizers at the moment of choosing a State that is strike by storms and there is no need to congratulate or applaud them with the exception of their poor logistical skills.