Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Deconstruction of a Liar.

SACK Mitt's
As the Eminem song The Real Slim Shady when the real Mitt Romney will stand-up.? No one knows but so far we have seen a little bit of the real Mitt which stood up and outsourced jobs outside the United States to China, saved his behind from Vietnam and only preach a lot of contradictions, maybe the real Mitt is just a starburst, a walking contradiction.

A Latter Day Saint leader at the beginning of the '80s and early 1990's giving his time and resources to the church he is a member. Some of his friends say he was charming yet he is a paradox, a family man yet a cruel businessman who mix his business with politics and can't keep one single stand at all. The question for voters it is "Who is the real Mitt Romney?."

Romney is facing several problems regarding his credibility because his constant dubious selection of words and terrible public relation strategies that show him only as one unidirectional individual. Probably the problem with Romney it's simple as he is been playing a game which he feels uncomfortable in which he has to be in the center of the spotlight and he has to look sincere (a trait which in business is a flaw but in politics is a must), maybe that his problem he is a businessman and not a peoples person. Now that we said all that, the other problem he faces is the lack of credibility beyond his ability to connect with people, as a politician he lacks of confidence to know and an example that could be would the the education fracas in Massachusetts as well his lack of compassion for human rights as well his poor decisions regarding mixing politics along business, and cutting police funds spreading crime rates in different municipalities putting a criticism of the police unions regarding the decisions of the governor into cutting the funds of the force.

During the Republican Nation Convention in Tampa Bay, Romney will have the opportunity to show a more personal side that it could be critical if he can really connect to his party on a more profound level as well with many potential voters. The election is about the economy and the role of the government but voters also make the decision based on the likability of the candidate in order to achieve the position of power and is kind of shallow to say that these could a mere popularity contest because even Obama with all his administrative problems people still find him more compelling and likable because his approach to the people in general which is a quality Romney lacks, being likeable as he only represents a 1% of the population not the 99ners.