Thursday, August 16, 2012

Assange - Beyond the Mask, a Man who Stood for the Truth

Tampa, Fl -- The problem are not the governments, the problem are the corporations and lobbyists that are behind the governments and thus behind Assange, he is not a coward for being a crucial part of Wikileaks, the famous website that made heads of state to bend on their knees when they realized all their secrets were exposed and all the corruption. No one likes to face the truth and when the truth is outspoken there is always a head that is going to roll down to the basket, it's the price when you expose the truth and is the maximum truth for any journalist or individuals involved in the handling of communication, think of Deep Throat and Watergate (just to mention one).

There is too much of a mess right now, Julian Assange has all the papers to live in Ecuador but his problems it is that all the powers that be won't let him escape the U.K. because he will be alive and could continue on the operations of Wikileaks, even so, even if the worse happens Julian has become the martyr of the Legion, one man inspiring a thousand people army to go outside and keep fighting for freedom of speech and equality. It would be a hiccup for the U.K. if Assange gets hurts in the process as he is being sheltered in the Equator embassy in the United Kingdom.

Sweden and the U.K. had found disappointment on the decision taken by Equator by granting him asylum and they are making everything on their power to extradite Assange back to Sweden; so far according to all the Anons websites and groups it is informed that 10 cops entered the Equator embassy, violating any international law as the embassy is territory of Equator. Who knows what will happen but the it is going to be  a hell if U.K. decides to use the armed force.