Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Americans For Prosperity, A Facade of the Republican Tax Hypocrisy

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TAMPA, Fla -- If Americans for Prosperity it is a tax-exempt organization, then why they do politics and keep their status as tax-free?. Simple, because of the influences of the Koch Brothers regarding their agenda on Washington to keep the House and Senate as a red majority; which if they dethrone Obama, they know they an execute a total and perfect hegemony between the powers and the interest of their conglomerate as well as the interest of many other companies who support Mitt Romney.

As for today, Wednesday the 8th of 2012, AFP started a US$25 million advertising propaganda campaign aimed at President Obama. The message of the ads are clear on how the financial influence of a few wealthy donors is having a wide impact on the airwaves in key swing states as they use super PACs and similar groups who are not strictly affiliated to the campaigns, but Americans for Prosperity and their benefactors the Kock brothers aren't the only ones as Mitt Romney's presidential stint is being backed up other high roller individuals as Sheldon Andelson the owner of the Venetian Resort and the chairman of Las Vegas Sands who already donated tens of millions of dollars to super PAC's supporting Republican candidates on the 2012 election cycle.

The problem on the GOP, Tea-Party efforts goes on maintain the image and income of the corporation they represent or in other words to keep the interests of the market economy regarding their own personal well being without even thinking about the consequences they bring to the middle class Americans. Middle class Americans who support organizations influenced by political parties who are geared toward the interest of conglomerate show how much self-loathed these voters are because they don't think on realistic expectations that the economy of the United States it's not the hand of politicians but on themselves to innovate and create new jobs.

The first ad, it's named "President Obama: A One Term Proposition," hits the president over the rising national debt, and inssue that conservative political groups argument that is valid enough to switch voters to the red side with the argument that Obama is the problem when in reality the problem lays on the House and Congress which are controlled by a Republican majority.

But, the problem it is not in the Democratic side, again it is with Republicans because of the stubborn opposition of the party to reach a budget deal to help close the deficit as the GOP always oppose to raising revenues through higher taxes and by closing loopholes are the reasons that no more progress has not been made and beside that when Obama got into possession of the office he inherited the deficit from the President Bush era.

Americans for Prosperity is a tax-exempt organization whose ads must be primarily issues-focused, although the efforts of such groups have faced scrutiny by advocacy organizations who accuse them of influencing political activities. As it was reported by the Seattle Times, Tim Philips the president of AFP expressed that because of the - the president's disastrous record, we felt it was necessary- So since the broke their status as a tax-exempt organization are they going to pay taxes now because they got involved in politics.?