Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Demagogy of Mitt Romney on Foreign Politics

Mitt Romney
The problem for me is not Mitt Romney on a general basis, my problem are the people who believe his demagogy and will vote for him because they can't see that his knowledge about economics and foreign politics are null and yet this people blame Obama, yet this man managed a way to inside Harvard and graduate as a Baker Scholar which in my opinion I find it amazing and hard to believe, but who can really trust Wikipedia these days.?

My problem with Romney it is simple, the man has no real clue about what is happening in the world or in the States to a deep extend as he is more of a businessman rather than a person with an inclination to help the community; and now that he started his trip to Britain, Israel and Poland after he already was classified as unfit candidate even worse as Sarah Palin and yet his lack of tact at the moment of international diplomacy goes beyond any other diplomat to the point of offending the British by calling their operations regarding the Olympics disconcerting and offending the Labour Party leader Ed Miliband by calling him "Mr Leader", how can someone who is expected to be the president of one of the most powerful nations yet to make such easy mistakes regarding culture.

The quality of Romney as a contender is cheap, so far on any possible media that his campaign and followers had used he has shown a vague hyperbolic shots of criticism to Obama as well false information in order to gain sympathy from voters, but he don't need to go far away at the moment of convincing because he is aiming to a self-loathing crowd how don't what they want and at the end the only ideal political scenario that these people want is a second version of George W. or Reagan, presidents that played with the imagery of the people as their lives mimicked the terrible but yet iconic television soap opera Dallas. On Tuesday on the Veterans of Foreign Wars, he gave a quote " given trust where it is not earned, insult where it is not deserved, and apology where it is not due" he just not only put fire to the lies that certain conservator sectors have been promoting about Obama but not only that also that, playing with the indecesive voters and their ignorance is the way this man is winning peoples' attention around and not all the time in a good manner, take a look at the case of England where he already got compared to Palin.

It's to difficult to believe that a man who wins sympathy to the use of canards is going to Israel also, to the point he keeps over exaggerating that Obama hates Israel, which is a lie albeit as many political USA leaders there has been always some friction between the prime ministers and the USA presidents is not new, but yet Romney keeps using the same demagogy to win support. We don't need another president who is in the race for wars, we need a leader who can pull the people outside the recession, outside the wars that are not even ours but yet it seems that being in the conservator side, the only way to achieve some stability is through war and lies and that is wrong because we can't live on the exaggerations of 1%'s we have to live on the necessities of the 99%.