Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Arsenal of Holmes: Is not a Right to Bear Arms

Prime suspect of the Dark Knight Rises Shooting
What motivates to kill,? to commit a crime.? Desperation, loneliness, problems.? Why?. Why, a 24 year old man had 6000 rounds of ammunition? and how he got that amount without any control?. I've been wondering why the laws about possessing a weapon (or in this case, multiple) are so permissible,? my answer relies on the constitution and how weak it is on certain points that are not even relevant on today's world dynamics such as protecting ourselves from the British or other invader forces around the globe. Some purists will say that I am wrong and that is a right, but so far we are the only country in the world that justify that is a right to bear weapons and is just plain wrong, even in Colombia (I was born and raised there) the gun control is 10 times stricter, in U.K. you don't see it either and the list can go until the very end.

Then why, we keep saying is OK to carry guns?. When tragedies as this one can be prevented but yet they seem to happen, but does a strict gun control will prevent criminals of getting access?. Probably not as there are going to be ways people will access any form of weapon to harm other individuals. Is a tragedy, is not going to be the last and probably by a week from now the media will lower the content as it won't be relevant and in a month after the anniversary there are not going to be more words until the year anniversary. It's terrible the handling that situations perpetrated by James Holmes are just over sensationalized in order to sell information and in order to blame on any external agent.

Probably the guy had some major issues and yet not any single media has pointed out what was happening with this guy, yet neither the media has pointed the names or lives of the victims, they just focused on numbers and not any emotional or human aspect because it has become important to sell information in the most indiscriminate way. Probably the problem aren't the weapons, the problem are the controls which are so easy for people to access, even on ebay you can find arsenal and get it without any problem yet the news corporation and government are solely focused on finding an escape goat without even looking that 12 lives where lost and 59 others were scarred for life because a person reckless actions.