Saturday, July 28, 2012

Faith, Latter Days, Obama and Pop Culture

Mitt Romney
(Tampa, Fl) -- Suddenly in the last few days as the elections are coming, as many people will classify me I am a Liberal, a Democrat and a Humanist but overall I am a journalist in progress. I have a simplistic views on politics - If  the politician firmly believes in fair trade, equality and serving his or her community beyond any theological affiliation, that politician will be counting with my vote and support, being in a local or national level - I am a simple man on that level and I keep my p.o.v. simple's.

I also never say, -never judge a man or a woman by their religion as a person shall be judged by the acts who give to the community in general- and I never judge on a simple level but I do have my levels of tolerance when some tries to shove me a diatribe about their beliefs as if they were the solely truth. One of my best friends who I chat on a daily basis is a Latter Day Saints and I am an Existentialist Humanist, we are as different as we can be and yet we find time every week to chat, laugh and give support to each other on whatever is happening around our lives, friendship is simple as with regard any differences you can make friends if their respect and the ability to laugh about anything regarding pop culture and to ourselves.

So, politics should be separated from religion as we are a multicultural community as well not strictly a Christian nation but yet it seems religion seems to be a focus point to gain voters as it plays with the imagery of the people on how the see the candidates. It seems a good candidate it's a Christian candidate, it's a proxy filled with fallacy, on a priory judgment because voters are judging to whom they can relate instead to whom can the problems and improve the community yet again don't judge a book by his cover and look at Michael Bloomberg and the social progress he did in New York. Yet people according to the USA Today seem more focused on judging President Obama's faith rather than the good work he and is cabinet has done so far and put in judgment his religious beliefs which shouldn't and are not an issue as this man has done more than George W. Bush in 8 years.

According to the aforementioned paper 49% registered voters of an interview they executed, they identified Obama as a Christian but 17% he is a Muslim, so, ignorance is a gift, what if the man was a Muslim.? Religious affiliation don't have to interfere with the progress of the country, yet the ignorance of the people goes to some amazing levels without realizing they are being fanatics, yet voters say feel comfortable with Romney's faith affiliations but yet are voters looking only into who the candidates are without looking about the facts of how much these two men had done so far?. I don't think so, I see that voters are giving their interest on a shallow level such as a matter of religion.