Sunday, July 8, 2012

Anonymous - The Solution to Colombia Social Problem

One Man can Make a Difference, The Legion Can Change
The World
(Tampa - Fl) -- Is not the world that is crazy, the problem are politicians and the sames families that had ruled the country since the beginning, the same thief's that much of the people been glorifying since the very beginning of the civilization, the same people who glorify the archaic values that had been since the 1500's and think the country has to stay that way, it's the fault of those people who slept and never grew up. Anonymous are the answer, is not an army, it's a legion, it's the world, are the people who are trying to claim the right, it's our world, the world of the 99%, not the 1% who think that controls everything. We are the world, the 1% are nothing, they shall fear the people who are trying to control because the people are revolting.

Beyond any paper-storm, the key of the revolution is to go outside to the streets, occupy what is ours and not them because the voice is the last element that dies.