Tuesday, June 12, 2012




Shigeru Komamiya was struggling to hold his kusarigama; because of the bloody confrontation

he had with his fellow clan mate an Argentinean named Carlos Iguazur. The sands of the pristine

beaches of the tiny island located west of the Kunigami District were tainted with blood due

almost every individual in the island was assassinated by the hands of a single man; it

wasn't their fault, they didn't knew they were sheltering for over ten years one of the top

assassins in the world who went rogue from his organization.

Carlos went to kill Shigeru under the pretense that no one could ever leave the Clan of the

Crimson Moon without the ultimate penalty. Shigeru wasn't expecting to be the cause of the

Minna-Jima island massacre. The beautiful place he called home, where he saw the fishes,

the town of Motobu that was east and south were the infinite sea was.

He kneeled over the sand and cried a thousand tears for the thousand lives that were lost.

He threw his kusarigama in to the bloody sand, "Amaterasu, forgive me". Thought. Carlos went

closer to him; with his almost seven feet of height he was one of the tallest and heaviest shinobis'

in the clan; Shigeru knew he didn't had a chance to escape his imminent dead in the hands of the

man that was known as The Crimson Executioner.

"Do you have anything to say?." Carlos asked Shigeru. "No, I don't." Shigeru replied while

crying as a little boy; Carlos pulled his nunchaku from his back and gave Shigeru a deadly

strike below his chin line, breaking his neck in the process and killing him instantly. Carlos

was wondering why Shigeru escaped the organization. There were no clues regarding his

motifs, so he started to walk around the little island in search for any hints. Suddenly he

realized that his former comrade said one time he was worried that a revolutionary faction

was rising between the streets of Kyoto to make war on the Crimsons interests'. Carlos was

lost, he didn't knew where to start, he was trying to find any piece of information between all

the ruins of the small island until he found a small house located in the south shore.

He didn't noticed the house at first when he planted the bombs and after slaying single hand

almost every single individual in the island. He panicked for a moment, he was thinking about

running and killing the survivor that was inside just in case if the person called the authorities.

He only panicked for a moment and he calm himself when he saw the house was empty. The

house was from a fisherman. The name of the Makoto Yomigaeru. He found it weird as from

what he knew Yomigaeru was not a family name.

"Oh my God, I think I found it." Carlos was ecstatic, he found the place where Shigeru hid over

the last 10 years. Inside the cabin he got scared because he realized what Shigeru was doing,

he was killing members from inside the organization, brothers from the Crimson Moon and

keeping their heads as trophies. But why?. There was no real answer, it didn't had any sense, but

probably that was the reason that he was ordered from his the head of the clan.

Carlos was sad, he saw his brothers, his friends, laying there dead, friends who thought they

deflected or were kidnapped, friends he was hoping to see them alive; but, why Shigeru killed

them?. He start walking inside the house and found a little journal with the words sensou (lit.

war) in the cover.

The journal didn't said anything regarding his motifs but a small photo, a small black and white

photo slip through the pages; it was Shigeru with a girl, a really pretty girl that looked familiar;

he realized who the girl was and he confirmed who she was in the back of the photo. Jurietto

Daidouji, the daugther of the Kaypurreto, the same girl who disappeared ten years before

the rumors of the faction started to appear, but where she was?. She wasn't in the island, maybe

Shigeru was protecting her, but from what?.

Carlos realized it was time to get out from the island, he took is go-fast boat and went back to the

land before the authorities arrived