Saturday, June 2, 2012

Stay With Me

Stay With Me
Short Story

By: Gus Calvo

It was the last moment, the bomb exploded inside the tunnel Ralph was sent against one of the walls of the train but miraculously  survived the terrorist attack. He started to walk in between the flames and then he saw Thomas laying on the ground, he never knew Thomas personally but every morning for the last six years they took the train together almost at the same time every morning to go to the Central District of Newark.

Everything was in chaos, Ralph walked slowly to see Thomas almost lifeless body. He say hello to Thomas, "hey!". Thomas smiled when he saw Ralph holding his hand. "I knew it, you were the handsome guy who always sit close to me". Ralph blushed. "You are cute, I always wanted to say hello but, I am quite shy but my name is Thomas Foraker". Ralph was almost to the verge of crying because he saw how Thomas was hurt and barely breathing.

"I am Ralph Martinez; I always saw you coming from the fifth boarding station, I wanted to say hello but I never knew how to do it". "Hello". Replied Thomas with a smile. "That's how you say it". He say again, smiling again. Ralph couldn't hold it and giggle a little bit; he couldn't avoid to blush because Thomas was quite handsome even with all the blood and bruises around him, but he always stayed with him.

Thomas started to cough, Ralph wanted that the moment they said hello would be different, that they bumped in the station, that he tripped all over him by accident but it happened on Thursday, the Eleventh. The day changed in Newark. He hold Thomas kindly, as if they knew all their lives. "Stay with me, until the ambulance arrive; I can't move as my legs were shattered by the impact". "I stay with you, I promise you that, but can you go with me in a date?". "I'll love it". Ralph knew Thomas was going to die no matter what so he hold him, the only person he had a crush on.

"Everything is going to be alright". Ralph said to Thomas in calm manner, "I know; I only wish we knew each other before, and I hope we know each other again on another time, not under this situation. "I promise you, I will find you again and next time we will see each other, I say hello".

Thomas died peacefully under Ralph's arms; he couldn't hold it as he never had the chance to met him on a more personal level. Years pass and Ralph married, he lived a peaceful life, with his wife and two children one of whom named Thomas. Never mentioning to no one why he choose that name. He died at peace in his home at age 45.

Many years later, around 2pm, Thursday 11th of June. Rafael was ridding his car, a 2008 baby blue Kia. He met someone on the internet named Thomas who lived 141 miles away from him. He was quite nervous and after driving two hours they finally met again. "Thank you for coming". Said Thomas; "Thank you for staying with me and conceding me this first date after my accident from last month". Replied Rafael with a smile. "Let's say, I wouldn't miss to meet you".