Saturday, June 30, 2012

Obama Caring for Angry Patients, Angry Patients Obamacare's

(Tampa - Fla) -- Probably it's a mix of misinformation by the different media as well the opposition party in order to ensure more votes but Obamacare is a clear example on how something good can be turn into a media frenzy by the inappropriate handling of the fourth power, the laziness of the people on not reading anything as well sympathizers of the GOP that see any move by the Democrats as the work of Satan.

Probably because of the ignorance of the people The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act it is going to put the electoral campaign for Obama on the strings with certain sectors of the middle class as well people who are incapacitated and depend of the government to cover certain needs, sectors that screamed when they heard that the president supports marriage equality but yet they scream again when they imagine a socialist reform on the healthcare system.

Let's talk a few things clear about the public notion of ideologies and then let's talk about the reform and how they barely intersect with America's deplorable health care system. Guessing on a-priori statement, we can infer that the Cold War propaganda it is still in the imagery of many people and socialism it is associated with Cuba and the Soviet Union; The United States of America it is way to far away on the mainstream philosophical currents to adapt that kind of Socialism in the system, but also there is a kind of progressive Socialism that can be found in different countries such as Spain and the United Kingdom, a kind of political party that dangles more in the Democracy field and the support of the people regarding who they are.

It is impossible to see a Fidel or a General Mao as the next head of states in the White House, albeit certain elements of the Conservator Party are moving toward the kind of ideologies that will oppress the middle class and support the 1%, which is wrong because under the constitution we are all equals, and not unequal; but, the concept is just utopic as yet there are many social differences in the land of the free and the home of the brave. It's difficult to blame Republicans as a whole, not all are inherent evil and yet we can't blame Democrats as being flower children from the 60's, but there is the unstable factors as the Tea Party and the paranoia agents who are there to exploit the ignorance of the common folks.

Obamacare survived since 2010 when it was signed into a law because the the reform itself it's just a mere tax albeit it is not going to affect everybody who understands that insurances aren't going to get expensive but the act is going to put a stop on the abuses of many people who go for anything to the emergency rooms and claim without scrupulosity to Medicaid (also, insurances aren't expensive if you buy the correct plan on a regional level.

The idea of penalizing individuals who fail to obtain a health insurance is not new, it goes back almost 30 years in the past on the late 1980's. the social conservative organization The Heritage Foundation were one of the first one to postulate the idea of a health reform in the nation system where everyone would be enrolled in an adequate healthcare plan or pay a certain fee but the GOP has moved from the leftist side it was on the 1980's on a more right POV regarding certain issues as taxation.

But there is a small problem with this act, the fine for who can not get an insurance can be interpreted as a tax as it functions to raise revenue but also it can be interpreted that the fines will be changing the behavior of the people and maybe once for now health insurances won't be as expensive as they are right now.