Monday, June 18, 2012

Mitt Romney Not a Winning Point for a Lousy Politician but a Win for Breaking the Imagery of the Latter Day's

There is no attack against Mitt Romney as a Later Day Saint, and is not going to place him under the scrutiny of America's Middle Class, why?. Because he doesn't have an unique afro-centric name and people can relate him to the imagery of white men that had rule the country over the last 200 years but then again it is the ignorance of the Middle Class that can put Mitt Romney in the strings of the power behind one of the most powerful countries in the world.

Public relations behind politicians are quite amazing, because the campaigns created to put the worse of the worse in the imagery of the people, so they can achieve certain status even if they are worthless. Mitt Romney is not the exception because he is more of a business man rather than a peoples' person, and as a politician through his campaing he never cared about any kind of civil rights because he is more focused at the creation of a theocratic state rather than a democratic one.

There is one issue, a simple issue on why Romney won't defeat Obama at the moment of truth and it's because the different reforms regarding immigration and health that President Obama has supported over the last years which Romney even on his days as a governor made completely the opposite.

Let's start from the beginning, this country was founded by immigrants (let's avoid for a moment the obvious implication on the foundation and the slay of the Native Americans). There is no such thing as a pure blood American, everyone in this country on their family tree has a branch of immigration, even myself. I am immigrant and I always be one even if I became a citizen on January 2012. You can't prosecute someone who fled his home country because he was pursuing the American Dream, yet Romney did that on Massachusetts expressing that the State would lose US$15 mill. on executing the bill. Thank God that the bill got defeated and eventually Romney found himself on the middle of a scandal where a company he hired to do his state landscape was hiring illegal immigrants and he ignored them twice, only firing the contractor on the third time. Hypocrisy is such a bitch, and the worse is that Romney criticizes Obama on his reform on immigration. For me this act of Romney on giving an unfunded critique it shows that he is already trying to get with his defeat on the elections next November, because if a candidate that knows he is going to win he won't be acting as a little child and tainting the name of the Republican Party even further than Santorum and Bachmann did over 2011.

It's difficult to see Romney in the White House because of his lack of leadership as well his initiative of progress regarding what is good for the people and not for the multinationals. If the voters realize what is the best, and realize that country can not live on the promises and yet selfish acts of the Republican party regarding for the well-being of every single American, I can firmly say that Mitt Romney will lose the presidential election because we can not afford of going back to the W. Bush era we need to move forward as we been doing.