Friday, June 22, 2012

Latinos and Obama in Tampa Bay (Recap)

President Obama
(Tampa Bay, Fl) -- Another reason to not vote for Romney it is his indiscriminate support to favor the 1% and not the 99%. Obama show one thing on his visit to Tampa Bay at the Hillsborough Community College; help not only two different percentages but support the middle class, and a plan for a better tax reform that would help small companies to create more jobs and make the 1% to help pay the debts of America.

Probably the key is not in the big corporations, not tax cuts to millionaires, not anything that could help the people as the GOP had been planning, because the GOP had decided to incentive millionaires and make the average Americans to pay for the mistakes of the 1%'s. The Republican Party agenda is not new, it's been on the march since the Clinton administration but it doesn't offer any reliable solutions because it doesn't offer any creation on a short term of new jobs and it can sink the country into a further depression costing millions of dollars to the average Americans, to the middle class. Education is one important part in Obama's plan to improve the life of Americans as he sees it as is the only way to make people to develop the skills that are need in the market but not only that; but position the loans and financial aids on a third plane and making schools focus more on the educational aspect rather the financial and also hiring more teachers to focus on the areas of mathematics and science.

Outsourcing in not an option, and in his plan Obama will focus in bringing the jobs back to help the people; Romney wants to pull back the economical status of a decade ago where W. Bush dilapidated the resources of the country in favor of a war and a few business to favor his personal wealth as well the wealth of a few. The progressive views of Obama go even further by any other president in the past as he speaking about civil rights, equality and women right, asserting that the young generation is the key to continue the change in the civil rights of Americans.

The restoration of the middle-class is an important factor in the restoration of the country, as we compos the vast majority of the Americans and we are the ones who create jobs and put this country forward but also as Obama stated in his Tampa conference, if we believe if this economy grows faster because we play by the same rules it doesn't matter who we are, who we love because we can put this country forward and that's a truth, the market economy that this country was founded has been the key to every immigrant who came here with a dream. I do believe in that dream and as a Latino, and as a minority as many others I do believe that the immigration reform that Obama has supported will bring him a victory which Romney will fail, because the governor forgot how important it is the vote of the newly endowed citizens who have the right to vote thanks to the support that the Democratic Party have given the minorities that had been forgotten by the Grand Old Party.