Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Crazy World, The Violin who Dubstep

A Crazy World, The Violin who Dubstep

By: Gus Calvo

A dancing violin playing dub step,
children are tapping on the third floor
as music is coming from a crazy world,
electronic sounds are booming from a pace
while the crazy beats
make me lose my mind;
In the floor they dance,
the grass is sprouting through the roof
and sound waves are coming from aloof/
A pretty scream thrill my veins,
tambourines distortion the noises
walking explosive noises
that come from a distant galaxy
that charms any heart,
the universe was made with music,
the galaxy dies
and the sun goes frozen;
dreaming is not impossible,
how can it be?
There is no way it can't be,
as the wave dances with thousand women who change shapes.

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