Wednesday, May 16, 2012


(Short Story)

By: Gus

Luis Arceneaux was walking alone, by that time he was around 400 years old and survived the worse times of humanity. He was a cajun, being born in Louisiana around the year 1650 and by the year 2015, he was just another silent immortal living quietly in the city of Tampa in Florida. The city was perfect for him to hide because of the large buildings as well many underground tunnels who were forgotten over the time by the different administrations; by that time Luis had lived many lives and pretended to be many people to the point he built a silent empire under 10 different names and was living comfortably as Michael Sykes one of the founders of one of the biggest companies in Tampa Bay; Skies & Associates.

People spoke about Michael Sykes but no one ever saw him or there was a photo in any of the major newspapers, but everyone was talking about him. Luis lived close to downtown, where he had his office and his conglomerate and where he could eat people who passed by. He always worried about cameras, because he knew the myth that vampires didn't had reflection was just a bullshit so he always preyed in the alleys who only had exits to throw the trash away from the business but that night he realized he was being followed by someone.

- I know you are tagging me, you been following me for the last six hours; show yourself.

A short height man with black hair and blue eyes was the one who was following him, his name was Michael Beaver, he was a journalist for the Tampa Bay Times, he wasn't that old, around his early thirties and was trying to make a name of himself in the business.

- You are Michael Sykes, the co-founder of Skies & Associates.

- How did you know that?. Luis replied with certain discomfort.

- You left a path, you made a mistake and it was easy to trace you; but I been asking all the people who I couldn't find on a photographic registry if they are Michael Skye.

- So how do you know I am?.

- It's simple, you named as your fiduciary someone by the name Luis; it was quite weird that you named someone who died in the year 1680. I thought I could trace any of Luis progeny but there were none, so I was wondering, so the clue I got was tracing Luis grave over in Tampa, who transfer his grave from Louisiana to here? if he wasn't someone important and he didn't had any relatives so I went to the public records and after a failed attempt to get more clues I opted to come here, to your grave and I saw you awake, so I guess Michael is just a mere nickname, I am right Luis Arceneaux?.

- You are quite a smart young man, aren't you?. You are the second person in 200 years who discovered my identity, no one here in the bay ask anything about Michael, people are happy that he is such a good person that gives to the community and also donated a bunch of money to the private school that is not far away from the main building of Skies. Why?, why you decided to investigate about me?

- My bosses ask me.

Suddenly Luis moved at a fast speed and he was over Michael, holding him tightly. Michael started to  fear for his life, suddenly he realized that the old vampire was actually attracted to him. He felt the being touching him in such a gentle way but at the same time he couldn't scream or move. He felt how the vampire touched his chest, played with his nipples and suddenly his hand traveled by to his crotch.

- I love the beauty you have, it's almost profane, almost impossible. Tell me, are you are a vampire Michael?

- No. He was in fear. Then the old vampire proceeded to bite his neck, Michael was feeling how his heart was stopping slowly, it was an intense sensation, he could feel everything the vampire was doing, he was fucking his ass, and fondling him, Michael was having an orgasm before dying completely.

A few hours later, he woke up; he was in the cemetery, the same cemetery in the Temple Terrace neighborhood he saw Luis getting awake. He was trying to gasp for air but for much he tried, he was feeling suffocated.

- Don't try breathing Michael, your lungs will collapse in less than an hour, you been transforming slowly into one of us.

Michael was confused, he thought he died, he remembered his heart stopping completely, he remembered how the vampire feasted with his body but then he was awake, conscious but yet confused and trying to grasp for oxygen.

- Michael, I opted to make you one of us; it's something you can't until you are around a 100 years old. You see Michael, it would problematic if I would kill you completely. I checked your cell phone, you have a few messages from your family, your wife is worried and your boss wants to know if you are OK. I don't know what are you going to tell them now, you know the truth but you can't go on the sunlight right now, if you even try to go with all the protection you will burn and die, so I would think of an excuse to the people who knows you because otherwise it you will be in big trouble.

Michael tried to punch him in the face, but he was weak, as a newborn.

- Don't even dare. You won't be able to move for a couple of hours like you did before but still you won't be able to put a finger over me, my will is greater than yours. So if you want to do something start calling, because believe me, eternity will be a bitch with you.