Monday, May 28, 2012

The Reasoning of the People; The Social Paradigm Between Religion and Nature

Demographic of Western Religions in the United States
Reasoning it is quite simple, it's influenced by the experiences we learn as children as well the association and dissociation of the knowledge we acquire through the experiences of living. Our parents or guardians influence what we learn and how we see the world. That's a fact. Also we as individuals we are not attached to everything what our parents say because we need to live beyond every single word without being unattached from our experiences but not becoming clones from our ancestors. That's one thing that needs to be say; second, we are sensuous beings and we tend to get emotional regarding stimulus and there are certain primitive aspects that we supply through the praxis of theology or in other words, religion to supply a basic desire of the situations regarding life that unify us as communities. There is nothing more simple to explain the different dogmas that are around the world, those dogmas are communities; communities were people isolate and interact between themselves to feel a sense of belonging.

If I insult you, hypothetically speaking with an existentialist fallacy that the men created God in order to put in order the reasoning of why they are were, you probably won't be offended; but, if I offend your chore group by telling you "Your beliefs are wrong, your church sucks and there is no reason to pray because miracles are just mere random causalities or over exaggerations" then there is a big chance you are going to call me a plain old fucker not because I attacked your beliefs but because I attacked your social group. People doesn't get offended by the absence of God, they get offended by the absence of belonging and trespasser of their social bubble.

Now that we explained that, there is an inter-relation between experiencing life, education and religion. Religion covers the basic emotion of humanity, to gather and socialize but also goes into satisfying emotional aspects; again, there is another but on this phrase, while people can take the message of unity instead of a isolating more from the rest of the world and trying to make other people assimilate (See Borgs or Daleks) to make them believe their message is the only one, the real one, they create themselves another fallacy and a principle of communication, Where there is not an absolute truth in the universe except we are born and we are going to die, the rest it's left to a reasonable doubt but there is another aspect of the relation, the more higher educated you are and the more exposed you are to the different experiences of humanity the less are you going to be adept of following exclusively the philosophical teachings of one current as if they were the ultimate truth. That's another fact.

The world is extremely complex, and as it's exposed into the WASP imagery of Moral Orel, the world is not Christian, less than 2% are. That's another truth but opposite to Moral Orel we cannot generalize that all Christians are bad, or Christianity itself because as every philosophical current that people profess devotion it can be used as a double edge weapon to satisfy other needs that involve economical factors as well political influence. That's another truth, where churches had evolved from the point of social gathering and adoration, that no longer covenant interpersonal aspect regarding the community but interest regarding the country and aspects that are not related to what is the best to improve the vicinity.

That is a mere sociological evolution in human thoughts which you can see if you pay attention of your surroundings but is also a piece of entropy were in certain points history will repeat itself (see Judas and Jesus to put in a context that you can imagine regarding the political panorama of 2000 something years ago) so as politics and we are reaching a point where in the currents we are going into populism by how the candidates that are getting more coverage in the media are showing tendencies of alienation to the groups who don't fit in the common median, foreigners and actual goverment by expressing they are men of God, if a politician or a candidate start speaking with those words on the election time and touching vaguely social issues I wouldn't give my vote to that candidate because they are mascarading and playing through people basic emotions to gain a position of power, I would see these people as corrupt individuals as the Crusaders, who only killed thousands because they were following God's will. It's in the name of the Democracy not in the name of the Father were people are going to suffer because we chose the candidate who spoke to God and not the people.

Do we have to separate the church and State? Yes, because when churches interfere in State issues that's the first sign we are approaching into a populist state were is democracy it's just a mirage and the people who don't think equal as the common majority are arrested or executed. Think Cuba, Venezuela or Bolivia they are not far away from the land of the free and the home of the brave.