Sunday, May 13, 2012

One Day Never Fulfills all The Time You Ignore

Ok, Let's talk real; One day to commemorate a person who is close in your life is just a mere hypocrisy because it doesn't compensate the time of abandonment; yes I don't like any holiday that has a commercial background because to your mother biological or not, you just have to be nice, be spontaneous, be yourself, don't an ungrateful asshole, don't post a message only one day a year, I love you mom, it's just hypocrite, much like Saint Valentine, you think by buying a cheap ass supermarket card and a few flowers will compensate the damage? No, there is still the void and as every relationship, even if it's filial or romantic, if you don't work it there will be always a void; Do I get annoyed by days like this? I do, I hate watching people running and trying to make something perfect just because they think they can buy a mother's love with a cheap card? No, even if the old adagio say "A mother's love is always eternal" That's pure bullshit, a mother is a human being like you and me, and if you neglect her, and only saying to her, thank you, or I love you, that can tell you how "well" you handle interpersonal relationships.