Saturday, May 19, 2012


Short Story

By: Gus Calvo

And then I woke, I was there in the middle of the city; a city with no boundaries there were there. People screaming but no people, the skyscrapers where high and there was an infinite highway where an exit or entrance ramp couldn't be seen.

I was scared; I didn't knew where I was and how I got there or what happened to the people?. There was no one around. I started to walk around. I saw the word 非現実的な encrypted in almost every single wall. I remembered my Kanji lessons and I translated the word into surreal. Who wrote the word all over and over? Who were the responsible individuals who wrote that word over and over, all over the town. I wanted to scream, but I was scared; a fear that paralyzes you, much as when you are sleeping but yet I was quite awake in the middle of the a city with no one.

Hours passed by, and the sun didn't show up, I wondered if I was dead. Maybe I was, maybe I died because I couldn't remember anything else with the exception of being in the city who had no boundaries. I opted to rest in a small two story floor hotel I saw. I found some food that wasn't rotten and some drinks and some sake. I was happy to see all those things but before I took them, I searched for people inside. There was no one, so I sat comfortable in the lounge where the television was not working. I didn't care, I was happy to see food and something to drink.

The sake was OK; I didn't drank too much, I left it over there in the little night table where I appropriated to sleep. I tried, I probably slept for about 4 hours hoping to see the sun, but there was no sun, no light, just darkness. I heard some noises, they were coming from downstairs, I was hoping to see people but instead I saw it, it was a face of an old man who only was a face with arms and legs, he was in to counter desk writing in some sort of book which I believe it was the guest books.

- Hello, excuse me. Before I could say something else, the little man run away, so fast, so fast I didn't had a chance to block him to ask for further questions. I was surprised, he was the first living thing I saw in hours or maybe days. I tried to find the little man but there was no signs of him, he just vanished of out thin air. It was a weird city, but I realized again, the man was writing something on a book, I didn't saw him running with the book. So, I walked back to the reception desk, and the book there it was.

Go to the docks, go to the docks, go to the docks. It was written over and over, I wonder if the message was for me?. Maybe it was for me, maybe. But, trying to find out where the docks were located was impossible because I couldn't determine any directions so I start wondering not even knowing if I was going on the right path.

It was easy to find the highway again, I thought that maybe I could find the ports or something. After a few hours walking and no sign of the docks I wondered if I was walking in circles, maybe I was, so If I was I decided to leave my shoes on two different points to see if my suspicions were correct but I wasn't walking in circle, I was walking to some point, I couldn't know if it was south, north or east, nor west; it was somewhere.

After walking for a few hours I was tired, I wonder if there was some other place to rest but I was away from the city, I realized I was close to the industrial part of town, I saw some warehouses, but no signs of the docks, maybe someone was inside. I was right, there were people inside, all dead, I started to wonder what really happend in the city and where I was?. These words again 非現実的なagain those words in every single wall. What is the meaning?, who wrote them? Did people committed mass suicide? What is surreal?.

Who is doing all these?. Then another noise was heard, outside; I run as quickly as I could and I got a surprise. It was a dead woman, she was hanging in a tree, all alone. I wonder again, what happened?. I walked close to her, try to find a wallet or an identification document but nothing, nothing at all; she was there, a Jane Doe, who was she? who were the factory workers?. Did they exist, did I existed before this?

What was my name?, who I am?, I am a man, a guy, probably in my mid 30's, caucasian. But, who I am?. I don't remember, I don't even remember anything from my life except that I woke up here in this city. Where the question that surrounded my head for a moment, so I kept my pace and keep walking, not knowing where the docks where but the place probably could give me an answer. During my travel on the city I didn't see no one who was alive, I started to wonder if I was dead, dead as they but only conscious.

After walking for another few hours I fall asleep on the road, next to the endless highway, I was tired, probably another day passed and no signs of the sun or more people, I was starting to panic because I couldn't remember anything and then I saw her, the woman in red, she was standing there in the middle of the road adjacent to the highway.

- Ma'am I am so happy to see you!. I remembered that I scream, but my happiness turned into a nightmare, because when the woman turned to see me, she was holding a chainsaw.

- Ma'am please I am not here to hurt you, I am happy to see someone who is alive beside me. The woman smiled from ear to ear, her teeth were missing and her mouth was bleeding, she didn't said a word, she just smiled and she turned the chainsaw on. I thought she was going to kill me, but no, things turned weird as soon she turned the chainsaw, she decapitated herself. Her body was alive yet, how did she do it?. I don't know but I started to run, run far away but she started to chase me.

I thought that I lost her, I think did when I hide in an abandoned hospital; there were more corpses everywhere. I wondered for a while, thinking if all of these was the product of a weapon, warfare?. Maybe, maybe people mutated and the world, maybe the universe died?. Who knows, there were no clues.

I kept myself inside the hospital probably for a week, I tried to count the hours based on my sleeping intervals. Nothing happened, I didn't see anything strange so I took some of the medicines I found as well water and food that didn't looked weird. I continued my journey to the docks where eventually I met him, the man in grey. He didn't had a face.

The docks were empty, no one, not a car or anything, just abandoned. Again my question appeared, where is everyone?. - Hello?. No one answered. I set my stuff in an office, and made myself comfortable. I wondered why the little guy wrote to the docks over and over. Then I realized, the executioner was in the docks, and the little guy probably was a victim of him, a mirage who refused to die. Just like me, I am just a mirage.

The man in grey, I keep finding him, my eternal executioner, he has killed me a thousand times, every time he kills me, he sent me to another part of this place. I know I am on Earth. Earth, what a wonderful word, if it really exist? Where I am, where I am on Earth?. Why I can't die?, Why I didn't died when he shot me?, maybe I did and I reincarnated to play his game, a game where he will chase me until he gets bored.