Saturday, May 26, 2012

Goodbye, Memories

I died a hundred times,
going back to the bottom,
back and forth in time,
thinking about going back,
yet hesitating about the eternal sunshine in my mind;
The sandy beach reflects all the tears I spread,
because the rebelliousness was in deep in my heart;
I never regret what I did,
saying oh yes, crying as I lived then,
right now my memories have dried,
can you tell me, if I go things are going to be alright?
In the city that just sunk and my arms couldn't stretch to save;
I feel I will have to say goodbye,
I don't want to go again,
to the point I left behind
because it's not enough to go back to the city that sunk in the ocean floor;
I am rolling against the walls of my room,
dying more than a hundred times,
we only say I see you over there,
as my hand is taking yours,
I am dying more than a hundred times;
My memories are being swept,
saying goodbye they were,
I am not going back,
not going back,
to the point of no return.