Sunday, May 20, 2012

For You, There is Only One of Feeling

I always wondered where I belonged?,
There were moments where I felt I wasn't in charge,
but there I met you;
Nothing can beat the love;
There are moments where we should break the rules;
to see what we can do;
even if the world is not always good,
I don't care because nothing can't beat the love;
We are standing in the dark,
watching all the people walk through,
but there is no reason to be in charge,
because there is nothing more real than to be in love;
Standing in the dark,
just feeling your hands touching my face;
But you know even if this world is not always good;
I don't care,
Even if there is no house,
no car,
nothing can beat the love;
We are not fools;
Because we just bend the rules,
because there is no time;
but just something as real, real as love;
We put in the way,
Holding our hands in the rainy day,
We need the love,
No car,
No house,
No mom,
Nothing can't beat the love.