Sunday, May 13, 2012

141 Miles (Poem)

141 Miles

By: Gus 

You know which way we go;
I am glad we take it slow,
easy ways weren't there;
I am glad I can be with you;
You know this ain't fairy tale,
things ain't perfect, hey;
but we kissed along the way;
we been together,
a way;
rising and falling,
but we always make this thing work;
141 miles we go;
I am glad I can take this journey with you;
Yet, there are sometimes that can be can be confusing;
but you know how deeply I am in love with you;
life can be such a ride,
I know  we make our mistakes;
but yes, how we grow;
we walked 141 miles,
because I want to be with you first,
and no one else.