Friday, April 27, 2012

An Endless Rainy Night (Poem)

I love to fall asleep next to you,
or wait for you to comeback in the morning,
I just love to see you coming back
even if I am half sleep/
and I tend to talk in Spanglish too.
It doesn't matter the night,
where I scream in fear or you snore out loud;
I know you are next to me,
holding me in case I fear of the night,
I can't see myself laying down alone;
because you are sleeping just across the endless plain of the blankets;
Let the rain fall a little bit;
as the infinite snow storms that travel through Florida,
even if we can't see them,
we can use them as an excuse to lay down in bed all day,
doing nothing,
watching the world mutate into a strange creature/
But who cares?,
I am just happy to spend all day next to you,
watching an endless rainy night.