Sunday, April 1, 2012

Life and Decisions

As days go by, and with the lose of a former co-worker, I am wondering again how much the decisions we take affect not only our lives but the people that surround us?. Are we that selfish sometimes to think only about ourselves only? And not the people that are near us and care for us; I wonder also, if the circumstances would affect someone to try to survive even if it's by putting his life and the life of the people around you in danger?. I don't know.

That question it's been again in my head again, the basic principles of survive or get devoured. I know I have done the impossible to survive in this ugly but yet beautiful world, but I never go to the extremes for survival; but, what if survival turns into greed?, and the only thing you would like to do it's to be wealthiest even if you have to sacrifice a lot just to earn some easy cash. Then the ideals you had they would be corrupted by the money and even if you have enough, there is never going to be enough in your pockets because you want more.

It's more a cauldron of emotions, all mixed together, the complexity of the human psyche but also the biggest weakness of humanity, their own morality. Life can be complex and yet so fragile but yet much of the people don't realize that, they don't realize that even in the worst circumstances you can survive hell and live to tell about it.

One second, one decision can change your life for good or for worse; think before you act, because your life is precious and yes you only live once.